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screenSticker 1.2 (jQuery)


This jQuery module is able to 'stick' an element on a certain position on your screen.

This plugin will keep the element in the given position even when the window is resized or if the window is scrolled.

$('<any selector>').screenSticker( {parameters} );

The parameters are a JSON object which have 3 optional items

pos: screenposition [number] (default: 7)

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

margin : margin from screenborder in [px] (default: 5)

time : reposition effect animation time [number] (default: 300 milliseconds)

//Example codes
$('#notification').screenSticker();    (left bottom)

$('#email').screenSticker({'pos':7, margin:0, time:500 });


Download: screenSticker 1.2 (jQuery)

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