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eXtreme Ascii Animations (jQuery plugin)


Is a fun project that i made just to make animated stuff using nothing but ascii.
This project however can not only animate ascii, but you could use html as well

There was one reason why i made this plugin..
I had all sorts of loader images like the ones you can get from http://www.ajaxload.info/
But they are not flexible if you want different colors or sizes.
Ascii or text elements can be styled much easier with just plain css.
The size of 1 loader image is the same as xaa.js so there is no disadvantage there.
Personally... i like something different.. and a little ascii art is just that :)

To see xaa in action goto The xaa example page


// blinking dollar char

//knightrider kinda thing (all frames)
$('#ldr').xaa({interval:40,lchar:['-------', '=------', '|=-----', '=|=----', '-=|=---', '--=|=--', '---=|=-', '----=|=', '-----=|', '------=' ,'-------', '-------', '------=', '-----=|', '----=|=', '---=|=-', '--=|=--', '-=|=---', '=|=----', '|=-----', '=------', '-------']});

//count back if end is reached (knightrider with half of its data !)
$('#ldr').xaa({interval:100,countdown:true,lchar:['-------', '=------', '|=-----', '=|=----', '-=|=---', '--=|=--', '---=|=-', '----=|=', '-----=|', '------=', '-------']});

Example 5
//just array
$('#ldr').xaa({lchar:['☰', '☱', '☳', '☷', '☶', '☴', '☰'],interval:300});

Example 6
// this is a two line frame in which i rotate some characters

Example 6 has a lot off potential for a complete ASCII movie, because you really can make multiple frames which you can play like a movie. So be creative and send me your ASCII movie B)


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